Aged Care in Canberra ACT

QuestCare is a one-of-a-kind, family owned and operated service that provides support workers specialising in aged care in Canberra ACT. They take a unique approach to your care plan, offering you a supportive and holistic care plan while always upholding the philosophy “your care, your way.” Each of their clients has complete control over their care plan, choosing which services are required, when services are needed, and who administers these services. That way, each client receives a completely individualised plan that perfectly fits his or her personal needs. When it comes to ACT aged care, QuestCare is built to be accommodating and values each client as a unique individual.
Comprehensive Services
QuestCare can handle any need when it comes to aged care in ACT, whether it be driving an elderly client to an appointment or checking in on a client every night. The day, time, and frequency of your service is completely up to you. They provide a range of services, and their support workers are qualified in many different areas – that way there is a service and support worker to fit any need. Their staff includes support workers who can take care of your loved one’s health, those trained in PART (Predict, Assist, and Respond to Challenging Behaviours) and Dementia Training for elderly patients with memory problems who need extra support, or just friendly, qualified carers to drive clients around town for errands, appointments, and social events..
But no matter what each carer specialises in, they all share the same goal: to provide each client with caring, supportive, and holistic service so they can make the most out of life and be as healthy and happy as possible. They strive to provide the best, most comprehensive ACT aged care around.
Flexible and Accommodating
QuestCare has staff available 24/7 to accommodate aged care in ACT on any schedule. They can even provide same-day service. They simply request two hours notice, but can often provide immediate service in an emergency, as long as one of their staff is available. Each of their support workers trained to a minimum Certificate III level in Disability and Aged Care, boasting qualifications including First Aid Training, PART, Dementia Training, Palliative Care, and other areas, so you can rest assured that your loved one is in qualified and capable hands.
Additionally, some of their staff are trained in other health specific areas to accommodate a client’s special needs. No matter what you need when it comes to aged care in Canberra ACT, QuestCare has a personalised and flexible service to accommodate you on your terms.