Working with other Agencies


What has QuestCare always been good at?


Providing quality and trained staff to quickly cover shifts for other disability support services!

QuestCare was the biggest provider of agency staff to Disability ACT used to cover shifts working with the clients in Disability ACT houses. We continue to provide this service to the agencies who now manage these houses.

If you are having trouble finding the staff you need – call us. Our Scheduling team will talk you through the quickest way to cover your shifts and provide advice about how to create a long term relationship.

Please contact QuestCare on 02 6253 4314 for more information about services or email disabilitysupport@questsolutions.com.au

Contact Information Available Below:
Phone: (02) 6253 4314
Oncall: 0404 017 532
Email: disabilitysupport@questsolutions.com.au
ABN: 34 051 804 267
7 Beissel Street
Belconnen, ACT 2617