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We want to know if you are happy with our service. We also want to know if you are not happy with our service. If you are not happy we have a process to hear your problem, in a safe and confidential way. You have a right to feel safe about telling us that you need better service and that we are not meeting your needs. We will listen to your concern and we will discuss with you ways to fix the problem. We also suggest using other people, like  a support person, who can help you fix any problems you have with our service.

Important Information

  • It is OK to make a complaint.
  • Please tell us straight away so we can fix your problem quickly
  • We welcome your complaints as they help us to improve our services
  • You have a right to tell us if you are not happy with our service

How To Make A Complaint?

1. You can contact anyone at QuestCare to talk about your problem. Our trained complaints people are our General Manager, and Operations Manager.
2. We will make changes to fix whatever is making you unhappy.
3. You have the right to use an advocate or a support person to try and fix your problem with QuestCare for you.
4. If, after 14 days, the problem is still worrying you other action will be taken by talking to you about a plan to fix your problem.

Not Happy With Our Response To Your Problem

Contact the Director General CSD – Human Services Registrar [email protected] (02 6205 4608), in the ACT and in NSW the complaint can be reported to the NSW Ombudsman

We welcome any problems and feedback as this is how we make our service to you better.
Please send us an email [email protected].

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