Unique Disability Support in Canberra from Qualified Disability Support Workers

At QuestCare, you get your choice, your way. That means when it comes to your Canberra disability support, you’re in total control over your care plan, choosing the time and frequency of your service as well as who administers these services to you. QuestCare has a diversified staff that specialises in many different areas, so there’s a disability support worker in Canberra perfect for your needs.
Flexible and Qualified Support
QuestCare aims to be flexible, with staff on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They offer disability support in Canberra on any schedule, even providing same-day service. Although they prefer at least two hours’ notice, they can often provide you with immediate support if one of their staff is available. You can recruit their staff for a one-time special occasion, daily care, or anything in between. They even offer overnight and sleepover services to provide you or your loved one with support in the middle of the night, if needed.
Additionally, each disability support worker in Canberra is fully-trained on site at their sister company, Quest Training Solutions and are trained to a minimum Certificate Level III, including qualifications such as First Aid Training, Medication Support, Healthy Body Systems, and many others.
Their Services
QuestCare provides a range of services. They provide personal care to address your loved one’s health needs, domestic assistance to help them with day-to-day tasks around the house, attending social events and activities to provide additional support, and transporting your loved one to appointments, errands, or other obligations. Each disability support worker has a valid Australian driver’s license so they can take patients anywhere they need to go.
Get in Touch Today
QuestCare realises that each of their clients is an individual with unique needs and goals, and seeks to provide each client with holistic care so they can achieve the maximum amount of independence and live the most fulfilling life possible. For the most comprehensive and friendly Canberra disability support for all of your needs on your terms, turn to QuestCare..